According to new rumors, characters from the Marvel Big Hero 6 comics introduced in the New Heroes cartoon are expected to join the MCU soon.

While Phase 4 of the MCU has only started a few weeks thanks to the launch of WandaVision, the Marvel universe will host a dozen projects by 2021 and 2022. While most of them will be sequels offered to superheroes already established in the Infinity Saga, other adaptations will introduce never-before-seen characters. Among them, the Young Avengers, the X-Men or the Fantastic 4 announced during the San Diego Comic Con in 2019. However, according to new information relayed by DisInsider, the House of Ideas would also have planned to introduce soon in the MCU, the characters of the comics Big hero 6 who inspired the cartoon The New Heroes.

Baymax and Hiro in The New Heroes.
Baymax and Hiro in The New Heroes. – Credit (s): Disney

Astonishing news that could therefore allow Baymax and Hiro to join the MCU in a live-action version. Given the commercial and critical success of the animated film as well as the development of spin-offs, it would not be surprising if Disney wants to capitalize on these characters never seen before in the MCU. Moreover, the link between the Marvel universe and the cartoon does not seem difficult to build, Stan Lee having made an appearance at the end of the New Heroes while the comics Big hero 6 belong to the House of Publishing Marvel. That being said, it is still difficult to predict how Hiro, Baymax, Go Go Tomago or even Honey Lemon will make their entry into the MCU, especially since Disney has not yet confirmed such information. In any case, this is not the only project linking the mouse-eared firm to that of Kevin Feige since a crossover between Marvel and the Hercules remake has also been mentioned!

Credits: The Direct, The DisInsider.


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