The heroes of the MCU could go back to medieval times according to this new theory relayed on Avengers 5.

While Phase 4 of the MCU has only just begun, with Marvel Studios recently unveiling a crisp teaser, fans are also eagerly awaiting Avengers 5. The latter have also been numerous to speculate on the antagonist of this future crossover. Whether it is Kang the Conqueror, Galactus or Norman Osborn, we can say that the faithful of the House of Ideas are not lacking in imagination, so much so that a recent theory relayed on Reverse would like the film to explore an unprecedented comic book timeline, namely that of Marvel: 1602. For those unaware, this story features an alternate universe in which Nick Fury serves the interests of Queen Elizabeth II, while Doctor Strange is his physician and astrologer. As for Peter Parker, he was renamed Peter Parquagh and is Nick Fury’s apprentice. As for Matt Murdock, the superhero we all know as Daredevil is actually a blind minstrel.

Extract from the Marvel 1602 comics.
Extract from the Marvel 1602 comics. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

In this comic book series, Europe is subjected to strange weather phenomena that make Doctor Strange fear the impending Doomsday. His doubts will be confirmed when the Guardian, an alien who observes and records all the phenomena of the Universe, reveals to him that an unforeseen event has disturbed the course of things and sent 400 years before various superheroes. The event in question? Steve Rogers’ return to the past after his loss to Thanos. While this seems like a particularly complicated scenario to set up, introducing the Multiverse into the MCU and establishing time travel in Avengers: Endgame could provide the opportunity for Marvel Studios to adapt this story into Avengers 5. This would also allow Chris Evans to return as Captain America, the actor’s comeback having been teased many times. Otherwise, Kevin feige had already mentioned during an interview with MTV News in 2008 his desire to adapt comics Marvel 1602 on the big screen. Would he have kept it in mind since? Only time will tell, but we must admit that seeing Nick Fury as an adviser to the Queen of England could prove to be as disturbing as it is tempting!

Credits: Inverse.
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