Widely solicited on social networks, Marine El Himer received an indecent proposal, the content of which is below.

Julien Bert tackled by Océane El Himer, the young woman did not hesitate to swing on their relationship after the candidate’s break with Hilona. This time, it is her twin sister, Marine, who is talking about her on social networks. Obviously, being a reality TV personality isn’t easy, and while some come under constant criticism, it also happens that others receive very naughty DMs and that is exactly what happened to Marine El Himer. Followed by over a million followers on Instagram, the young woman sees dozens of private messages scroll daily and one of them in particular caught her attention …

Dredged on Instagram, Marine El Himer received an indecent proposal
Dredged on Instagram, Marine El Himer received an indecent proposal – Credit (s): Instagram @goossip_tv_realite

As you can see in the photo above from the Instagram stories of the @goossip_tv_realite account, Marine had to deal with a completely hallucinating request from an Internet user since he offered her a large sum of money to spend the night with her : “50,000 euros cash we sleep two. If it’s ok, I’ll meet you in Dubai today”. A message could not be clearer to which the young woman obviously did not respond. Always concerning her and in a much lighter register, discover the transformation of Marine El Himer who is no longer blonde.

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