Tiago, the son of Manon Marsault, was injured and she was at its worst. We tell you everything here.

At the moment, Manon Marsault is not in top form, because she is the victim of harassment on social networks. And unfortunately, the young woman was also panicked after an injury to her son. Tiago happened to be riding a bike and he hit his foot. The little boy quickly bled and that, Manon Marsault had difficulty living it. We remind you that the sight of blood does not really enchant him. But she took her courage in both hands to take care of her son. Rest assured: Tiago is fine. But for the moment, he cannot put his foot on the ground. Below, we let you discover Manon’s secrets.

Manon Marsault
Manon Marsault – Credit (s): Instagram manontanti

“Tiago earlier, he was on some kind of bicycle and he hit his foot and it pissed off the blood. I took my courage, I’m a mom, he’s my son and I didn’t no choice. For me, it’s not easy to see blood… I did as I could. It’s getting better. But in any case, he can’t walk anymore “, said Manon Marsault on the social network with the yellow and white logo. We hope the little boy will recover quickly. In the rest of the celebrity news, know that Greg is no longer in a relationship with Maeva Ghennam and he did not hesitate to throw out the reasons for their breakup on social networks.

Credit: Snapchat manonmarsault
Other files: The Marseillais in Dubai, Kevin zampa


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