Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti of the Marseillais would they be on the verge of rupture? The young woman confides in the absence of her husband, who left Dubai alone …

In recent days, the candidate of Marseillais in Dubai is at its worst on social networks! Manon Marsault, who is accused according to Carla Moreau of having used witchcraft on Julien Tanti has decided to confide in the absence of Julien Tanti, who left Dubai without her to go on the set of Objectif rest of the world. She explains : “I don’t know when he’s coming home, I don’t have a fixed date … On the one hand I’m happy for him to go see his friends, he has something pretty fun planned … Sometimes it makes us feel good, we’re not the type of couple to travel without each other but hey when it’s like that, when it’s to go to work for a few days there are no worries.“The writing of melty invites you to discover all its secrets below …

Manon Marsault confides in Julien Tanti's departure from Dubai
Manon Marsault confides in the departure of Julien Tanti from Dubai – Credit (s): Instagram manontanti

Manon Marsault explains: “I could have gone with him, accompanied him to Morocco but I preferred to stay there and fortunately since my son he would have been sick all alone with his grandma and I would have blamed myself, like what is fate “ ! The young woman adds that she did not have basic confidence in Julien Tanti at all, but that she has now learned to calm her jealousy over time after a good year of relationship.… Enough to reassure Internet users! Also discover here the revelations of Manon Marsault on the state of health of Tiago, which she took to the emergency room without Julien Tanti.

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