We know more about the relationship between the Tanti couple and the Vergara couple. All the details here.

In reality TV, today’s friends can become tomorrow’s enemies. Moreover, we have had proof of this with Victoria and Maeva Ghennam who have not stopped clashing on social networks in recent days. And while Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti had become very close to Nabilla and Thomas Vergara, they stopped seeing each other overnight. Yes nobody ever formalized their friendly breakup, they still left a lot of clues … Like for example the fact that they all unfollowed on Instagram. And blogger Aqababe has just unveiled new information …

A friendship over!
A friendship over! – Credit (s): Instagram aqababe

As you can see above, Internet users have asked if there was any tension between the Tanti couple and the Vergara couple, since Les Marseillais were not invited to Milann’s birthday. the blogger Aqababe then confirmed that there was discomfort between them … But for the moment, we still do not know what could have happened between them! Before knowing more about this story, know that new information has fallen concerning the relationship between Maeva Ghennam and Carla Moreau. We remind you that their friendship took a big hit following the famous story of witchcraft.

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