Manon Marsault is very worried about Tiago’s health and decides to take him to the emergency room without Julien Tanti …

Yesterday, Manon Marsault of the Marseillais in Dubai confided in the harassment she suffered since the Carla Moreau affair, and she spoke in tears! Julien Tanti’s wife never appears in this state on social networks, and this video has greatly surprised Internet users. In this Snapchat video that the editorial staff of melty invites you to discover above, the candidate of Marseillais in Dubai says that she has to take Tiago Tanti to the emergency room for tests, because he has a lot of fever and it is not coming from his teeth … Manon Marsault is super worried, because she has to go without Julien Tanti who is currently in Marrakech.

Manon Marsault goes to the hospital without Julien Tanti
Manon Marsault goes to the hospital without Julien Tanti – Credit (s): Instagram julientantiplein

Manon Marsault must give Tiago various tests to find out if he would have caught the Coronavirus or another disease that we do not have in France. Their son was up to almost 41 with a fever last night, so she has to go there urgently… A program that does not reassure her at all, especially since Tiago Tanti must be held because he is very afraid of doctors and that with her sheath, Manon Marsault does not have much strength! We wish him a lot of courage, and we also reveal here how Manon Marsault’s son was injured, and the Marseille candidate in Dubai tells everything here.

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