Manon Marsault has been accused of witchcraft towards Julien Tanti, and audios by Carla Moreau prove it! The two candidates of the Marseillais in Dubai react …

We told you about it on melty, Manon Marsault is accused of having used witchcraft against Julien Tanti of the Marseillais in Dubai, and it is Carla Moreau who is at the origin of these shocking audios! If this evidence was quickly removed from the web, many Internet users were able to hear Carla Moreau in vocals explain to her clairvoyant that Manon Marsault would also have had recourse to witchcraft, with the same wizard as Master Gims… Following all these revelations, Carla Moreau and Julien Tanti reacted in this video. Comments since deleted by the main interested party and which we tell you everything below.

Manon Marsault accused of witchcraft, Carla Moreau promises to speak
Manon Marsault accused of witchcraft, Carla Moreau promises to speak – Credit (s): Instagram manonmarsault

On her Snapchat account, Carla Moreau would have said: “I just woke up, I woke up a bit badly … You all sent me messages about Manon”. She would also have promised to react later in the day before deleting this video … What to suggest that the Marseillaise will not finally speak on this subject? For his part, Julien Tanti posted a photo with Manon Marsault on Snapchat, which suggests that he supports her! Also discover here the revelations of Manon Marsault on the state of health of Tiago Tanti, who was in the emergency room …

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