The Season Finale of Manifest Season 2 ended on a massive cliffhanger. Is it possible that all of the passengers on Flight 828 are dead?

Manifest is one of the most puzzling series on the small screen. As Lost, it contains many mysteries and each episode brings new ones. Manifest Season 2 was full of twists and turns and the final minutes of the Season Finale were unsettling. Ben and his family had a new “Call” and we saw a fisherman picking up wreckage from Flight 828 in the open sea … What does that mean? According to this image, the plane would have indeed crashed and would have been destroyed by the shock … But then, how did Ben, Michael, Cal and the other passengers return? Is it possible that they are actually all dead in Manifest ?

Are they dead?
Are they dead? – Credit (s): NBC

Fans of Manifest await many answers in season 3. For the moment, no details on the plot have leaked but it is possible that the next episodes of this season 3 of Manifest will focus on Eden, the miracle baby of Ben and Grace. Is he the key to understanding what happened to them? It is possible, in any case, it would seem that in a reality, flight 828 did indeed crash and that all the passengers were dead. Already, it seems quite possible that they will not die on the day of “date of death” since Zeke survived! Will other miracles take place in this season 3 of Manifest ? We are already eager to know more.


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