At a time when we are only talking about the possible return of Sexion d’Assaut, there is one whose solo career is still at the top. It is obviously Maitre Gims!

We take stock. While we told you a little earlier what are the 5 tracks to remember from Nekfeu’s new album, Les étoiles vagabondes, it must be recognized that the much-mentioned return of Sexion d’Assaut may well only take place on one condition: the endorsement of Maitre Gims. Indeed, the one that is currently touring all over France with its Fuego Tour is today extremely in demand. Moreover, when not collaborating with others, the rapper goes on solo project releases at breakneck speed. However, if everyone seems to be leaving for this great meeting, the interpreter of “Hola Señorita “ is far from being in need. Yes, of all the artists who have broken through during this decade, none has received as much public support as Maitre Gims!

Let’s put it simply: Master Gims is a man of records. When it is not filling stadiums, it sprays the view and stream counters. As a reminder, his first solo album, Subliminal, is now a triple platinum disc in France (more than 300,000 sales). The second, My heart was right, is diamond disc (over 500,000 sales). And the third, Black belt, recently enhanced with a reissue, Transcendence, is also a diamond disc in France. As for singles, the rapper of Congolese origin can boast of having 12 gold singles (more than 15 million streams), 11 platinum singles (more than 30 million streams) and 3 diamond singles (more than 50 million streams).

As you can see, the big meeting of Sexion d’Assaut is not a necessity for Maitre Gims. More so, it shouldn’t even be a priority! But because the union is stronger than ever in charts French, a little revival of the hottest rap group of the 2000s could give him good press. But again, does he really need it? Perhaps… It must be said that despite all his records, Maitre Gims won only 3 major awards. A Victoire de la Musique and two W9 d’Or de la Musique awards. All for the same title, “Sapped like never before” ! Hopefully if the return of Sexion d’Assaut materializes, it will be synonymous with rewards for Master Gims. After all, he deserves them. In the rest of the news, here are the 5 titles to remember from Happiness Begins, the new Jonas Brothers album.


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