While Maitre Gims is trying to sell the last places of his Stade de France, his brother Dadju has just given him a boost without equal!

Event ! While we told you there is little that Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars have just unveiled their collaboration “Blow”, there are two others who continue to mark the news. You understand, these are Maitre Gims and Dadju. The two rappers have more than done 2018 with their respective albums Black belt and Gentleman 2.0. And if we are talking to you today about the two brothers, it is because the youngest, Dadju, recently announced that he would be present on stage at the concert of Maitre Gims at the Stade de France September 28. It’s certain Instagram that the interpreter of “Bob marley“and “Lioness” announced the great news!

And to read the first responses posted under the teaser video, there is no doubt that Dadju fans are delighted to have a new opportunity to see it live. When a user gets excited “It is magic”, others are more serene: “I took my places seriously “ can we read under the publication. Until September 28, We remind you that there are still a few places left for this concert, which will be exceptional. In addition to marking a turning point in Maitre Gims’ career, the reunion of the two brothers on stage should ignite the Stade de France! In the rest of the music news, note that PNL has just landed a new gold single from the album Deux Frères.


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