While we thought the exploitation of his third solo album Ceinture noire ended, Gims should surprise us with a new clip shot in France in the coming weeks!

We take stock. Essential on the French-speaking scene, Maitre Gims continues to sell copies of his album Black belt by whole cases. And if we came back a little earlier in the day to these common albums that have marked pop culture, it must be recognized that Maitre Gims has managed to stay in the minds of the general public thanks to quality featurings. And according to our information, he should take advantage of the end of summer to unveil a new single from Transcendence, the reissue of the album Black belt. The title in question is none other than “Rest”, his duet with the star that we no longer present Sting. And to shoot the clip that we will soon discover, Maitre Gims did not go very far since it is in Lyon that the rapper found the necessary sets.

On Instagram, he posted two rather enigmatic snapshots of him posing in what looks like a metro depot last week. And it seems that we are right. As recently as today, the 12:45 de M6 thus confirmed what we thought: Maitre Gims took advantage of Sting’s stay at Fourvière Nights to take him on the set of a clip that promises to be urban. It would seem that the singer’s team, which was looking for an industrial location far from the population, found the jackpot inside the Thioley workshop depot. It is notably in this depot that the trains of line D of the Lyon metro are maintained. Although no date has yet been announced for the release of the clip, we’re ready to bet it won’t be long. In the rest of the music news, here is the list of the highest paid artists of the decade!


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