Maeva Martinez from Mamans et Célèbres looks back in detail on her depression after the birth of her son, and confides in her heart …

A few months ago, Maeva Martinez from Moms and Famous spoke up to talk about her postpartum depression, to talk about her moods and help other women in her situation. Just like Tiffany from Moms and Famous who is being violently tackled on social networks, Maeva Martinez has decided to react to criticism and to make new revelations to our colleagues in Gossip Room. In this interview, Maeva Martinez reveals that she has marked on social networks no longer wanting to live because “That’s what I felt in fact, because I no longer wanted, that no one asked me anymore. Longing for emptiness”. The editorial staff of melty invites you to find out more below …

Maeva Martinez opens up about her depression
Maeva Martinez opens up about her depression – Credit (s): Instagram iammaevamartinez

She adds : “Like sometimes I say it when I’m tired but I wish I was put in an induced coma for three weeks that I recover what … And yeah, sometimes when I’m in a dark day, that I’m not not well, when I slept badly or not, I have this desire to no longer exist. That’s when I said to myself ‘Ok, I’m falling into postpartum depression’ “. The candidate reveals that this depression was the result of a great lack of sleep and a lack of listening “to the medical profession”. She also had a very difficult childhood with dropouts, poverty-related difficulties and a lack of stability that emerged as an adult.… But since then, Maeva Martinez seems to be living her new life as a mother with much more serenity! Also discover here the speech of Emilie Nef Naf of Mamans et Célèbres, who confirms to be separated from Jérémy Menez.


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