Maeva Ghennam has just weighed on her breakup with Greg. All the details here.

As you know: Greg and Maeva Ghennam broke up and the young man swung on this breakup. Faced with the revelations of her ex, the pretty brunette decided to speak also. And she does not give the same version of the facts as Greg. Maeva then explains that she has the impression that she is being used. And she’s starting to get sick of always coming off as the bad guy in this story. Maeva notably accuses Greg of passing her off as the worst person to everyone. While emphasizing the fact that he cries every day and very often, it would be on command!

As you can see, Maeva Ghennam considers Greg to be a manipulator. She does not understand how he can make a declaration of love to her and leave her the next day just before entering the filming of Objectif Reste du Monde. Despite this breakup, Maeva Ghennam wishes all the happiness in the world to her ex. And she asks all the fan accounts of her couple with Greg, not to identify her on social networks anymore … This time, it’s the end between them! In addition, know that Kevin Guedj has displayed thinner on social networks by unveiling a photo of his new silhouette.

Credit: Snapchat maevaa.ghennam
Other files: The Marseillais in Dubai, Greg Yega


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