Following the witchcraft affair, will Maeva Ghennam be present at Carla Moreau’s wedding? We know more.

It’s official ! We now know the broadcast date of the wedding of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj on C8. Surrounded by their loved ones, the two lovebirds will say yes to each other for life on television. A ceremony eagerly awaited by Internet users. They wonder who will be the guests and if Maeva Ghennam will be one of the guests. And for good reason, the beautiful brunette is currently in the cold with her former best friend. As a reminder, the two candidates of the Marseillais are scrambled since the case of witchcraft. And according to new information that has just fallen, their reconciliation is not yet relevant.

Maeva Ghennam will not be invited to Carla Moreau's wedding
Maeva Ghennam will not be invited to Carla Moreau’s wedding – Credit (s): Instagram Objectifrdm

According to account information Instagram @objectrdm, there is little chance that Maeva Ghennam will be invited to the wedding of Carla Moreau. “I strongly doubt it since Maeva no longer calculates Carla at all and by dint of apologizing, bah Carla will not give a damn about Maeva. She has taken many steps towards her but Maeva almost never wants to pick up the phone. She dodges Carla, that’s understandable given the story of witchcraft “ thus answered the blogger to the question of a subscriber. However, we are not immune to a surprise. So while waiting for D-Day, know that Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj could make their return to Marseille in 2022.

Credit: Instagram Objectifrdm
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