Discover the music video for “Tmax 560”, the first single from Maes’ album Réelle Vie 3.0.

Recently we shared with you the top albums and singles of the week with PLK, Ziak, Oboy and many other artists that you know well and we bet you that soon we will find there Maes. Indeed, it is one of the music events of the end of the year in France, the rapper will release his third album: Real life 3.0. Above we will have the right to feats with Oboy, Booba, Tiakola, Zed and YNS. The project will be available this Friday, November 26 and to make his fans wait until then, the Sevranais has just released a new extract.. This is the song “TMAX 560” and the clip is available. Go just below to find out and in the rest of the news, know that Dua Lipa invited Angèle on her Future Nostalgia tour.


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