Maes and Jul have released the animated clip of their featuring Dybala available on the album “Les Dernier Salopards” by rapper Sevranais.

While we invited you to discover the top albums of the week with Bosh, Lady Gaga, Maes and many other artists, we will be interested in the rapper Sevranais because he has just released a new clip. It’s no secret, since its release, “The Last Bastards” cardboard. The proof, five months later, it is still among the most listened albums in France. Maes continues to make us kiffer by letting us loose clips of songs from the album. After Distant with Ninho, then White with Booba, he just released his feat video with JuL Dybala. We let you discover it, you will be surprised!

As you have just seen, we find Maes and Jul in an animated version in this clip directed by Quentin Curtat. The Marseille rapper had already released animated clips but this is a first for Maes! Maybe he wanted to wink at Jul or maybe he just wanted originality. In any case, at melty we love and we are not the only ones since the clip is currently number 1 in Youtube trends. We now invite you to stay in the French rap theme by going to discover the new lyrics video of Rilès who made his comeback with the title GOA. You will love it!


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