Madonna on stage: this huge fine that the singer risks paying Follow us

Madonna on stage: this huge fine that the singer risks paying Follow us

In June, Madonna fans were shocked to learn that the pop star was hospitalized in intensive care after contracting a serious bacterial infection. After several months of rest, the legendary interpreter of Like a virgin was able to resume the way to the stage and find its audience. It was at the O2 Arena in London that Madonna gave her first concert, on October 14. A return that his fans were impatiently awaiting.

The spectators were met with emotion. During his performance, she addressed the audience. “ I didn’t think I would make it — and neither did my doctors. If you want to know my secret, how I cope with it and how I surviveI said to myself : ‘I have to be there for my children. I have to survive for them’”she said, reported the New York Times. She was also able to count on her children, Bercy James, Lourdes Maria and Estere, to give him support. They were present for the occasion.

A risk of fine

If Madonna did not hide her happiness at returning to the stage, she quickly noticed that this return was not without problems. Indeed, the second show that she performed on October 15 was punctuated various technical problems. The singer finished her show thirty minutes late (at 11 p.m. instead of 10:30 p.m.). This additional time could cost the superstar dearly. In fact, there exists strict rules regarding curfew. In the event of exceeding the timetable, artists are subject to a fine amounting to at 10,000 pounds per minute overrun.

For Madonna, this fine could have amounted to 300,000 pounds, i.e. around 350,000 euros. Fortunately for the 65-year-old artist, Greenwich City Council ruled that she had not exceeded the times determined at the start. His show was stopped before midnight. However, for her performances on October 17 and 18, Madonna knows what to expect.

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