Madonna performed on the scene of Eurovision 2019 and did not convince internet users. Since then, she is suspected of having touched up her voice on the video of her performance available on YouTube.

If you missed the grand finale of Eurovision 2019, it’s time to catch up on melty. On May 18, 2019, nearly 200 million people had their eyes riveted on their screen to follow the contest which was taking place live from Tel Aviv, Israel. Yes Bilal Hassani, the French candidate, finished only 14th, he still made France dream with his title “King”. But the one that has caused a lot of reaction on social networks is Madonna! The superstar was present at the event to promote his new album Madam x, which will hit stores on June 14.

The American diva started her performance with her tube “Like A Prayer” and continued with “Future” feat Quavo, extract from his new opus. But on Twitter, Internet users have not been kind to the 60-year-old singer, who has chained the wrong notes. Despite a remarkable staging, she greatly disappointed her fans, who were waiting for her at the turn. Since, his performance was published on his YouTube channel and this caused a new scandal, since his voice would have been touched up: “It is not the bazaar that we saw on TV”, “His vocal performance was frightening (…) there, it is not the one we had in Tel Aviv”, “Wow! This version is much better than the original. It’s sad” can we read in the comments below the video … Madonna, who announced the Madame X Tour, will be on the stage of the Grand Rex in Paris for five concerts from February 18 to 23, 2020.


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