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Maddy in a relationship with Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais), she confides on this big decision she made when moving to Dubai


Maddy des Marseillais confides for the first time on this big decision that she made following her move to Dubai!

Maddy gives more to her subscribers about her personal life, and she confided here on her big comeback in reality TV to find Benjamin Samat in The Marseillais in Dubai! The young woman, who will be found very soon on broadcast on W9 took a four-year hiatus from our screens, and is back in force … Maddy also moved to Dubai about a year ago, and revealed for the first time why her dog hadn’t followed her here. In this video that the writing of melty lets you discover above, the candidate of Marseillais in Dubai explains that it was her mother who kept her in France …

Maddy left her dog in France when she moved to Dubai! – Credit (s): Instagram benji_samat

Maddy had had her dog for almost ten years, and had already decided not to take her with her when she arrived in Paris. Indeed, her mother was already very attached to the animal, which explains why she did not take him with her to Dubai either … Despite everything, she misses her dog a lot! Since then, Maddy’s life has changed a lot and the young woman has entered into a relationship with Benjamin Samat, with whom she seems to have the perfect love on social networks.… Moreover, we unveil here this controversy around Maddy Fiji’s friend Ruiz, who would be accused of neglecting her animals.

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