The 2020 Series World Cup is on and some series already seem to be favorites … But who could be stronger than the Game of Thrones mainstay this year?

The 2020 World Cup is in full swing! The 32 series in competition do not give up and defend themselves as best they can. Which shows deserve to take the first step and try to climb to the first place of the podium? As you know, it is you who make the difference … Do not forget to vote every day for your favorite series by clicking on this link. Nothing is played yet even if some series seem to be favorites. Game Of Thrones is not part of the competition but she marked the World Series Cup with her many victories … What other series could meet the same incredible fate as Game Of Thrones ? Lucifer, The Walking Dead, La Casa de Papel, Stranger Things or Arrow have all their chances of having such a great story.


Lucifer! – Credit (s): netflix

This series has had a real atypical journey … Canceled, renewed, canceled and then renewed for a final season, Lucifer had many chances, and all this is due to the mobilization of fans. The diabolical series has an incredible fanbase that could allow it to have such a beautiful destiny that Game Of Thrones ! With Lucifer, everything can happen.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead!
The Walking Dead! – Credit (s): amc

With its ten seasons, The Walking Dead has a beautiful story, even if it is about murders and the living dead, the characters knew how to charm their audience. Moreover, the series in 10 seasons are becoming increasingly rare and this proves the quality of the show. The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones have both marked an entire generation and the AMC series could also have such a great journey!

La Casa de Papel

The most famous robbers!
The most famous robbers! – Credit (s): netflix

El Professor and his team have become the most famous robbers in the world. This series has generated such enthusiasm and has such marketing that it could knock out any of its rivals, and be as strong as Game Of Thrones !

Stranger Things

The winner of 2019!
The winner of 2019! – Credit (s): netflix

The other giant Netflix is ​​likely to be as popular as Game Of Thrones. We must not forget that Stranger Things achieved an exemplary career in 2019 since she won the World Cup Series trophy the previous year. She is therefore a formidable opponent for all other shows.


A strong opponent!
A strong opponent! – Credit (s): The CW

Arrow has many similarities to Game Of Thrones… The two series have eight seasons and ended within a few months of each other … Arrow launched the universe of the Arrowverse and the Green Arrow wowed fans throughout its life. All DC Comics fans could decide to pay homage to this flagship and unmissable Arrowverse series! Obviously, you decide who deserves to win this frenzied competition!


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