To everyone’s surprise, Lucifer has been renewed for a season 6 and it is possible that more good news will be announced!

During his life, Lucifer has seen many twists and turns. Canceled, taken over by Netflix, canceled again and then renewed for a season 6, the fans experienced a real roller coaster in terms of emotion. Lucifer Season 5 is split into two parts, each consisting of eight episodes, a poorly developed format on Netflix. If the first part has been available on the streaming platform since August 21, we are already starting to wonder about the rest. What does season 6 of Lucifer knowing that the fifth was produced as concluding the adventures of the Deckerstar duo? The showrunners have confided in Variety !

Will Lucifer reach 100 episodes?
Will Lucifer reach 100 episodes? – Credit (s): Netflix

Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich discussed the future of Lucifer. The sixth and final season could see the series pass the milestone of 100 episodes. Lucifer Season 6 will need to expand beyond an order of ten episodes to a total of seventeen to achieve this goal! During the interview, the showrunners teased the possibility of filming 17 episodes, to which Joe Henderson responded: “We are not yet authorized to respond to our episode order”, while Ildy Modrovich added, “conversations have taken place. “ Joe Henderson further clarified that the 100 episode mark is something parent company Warner Bros. take “very seriously”. If Lucifer closes with his hundredth episode, it should be amazing!


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