In the first part of season 5 of Lucifer, Michael landed and a detail caught the attention of fans. Where did his shoulder injury come from?

The first part of Lucifer season 5 was thrilling. These eight episodes blew us away and allowed us to meet the twin of Lucifer named Michael … This demonic brother wanted to take the place of the devil on Earth but Chloe, Maze and the others quickly understood that he It wasn’t about Lucifer … Although Tom Ellis plays both characters, there are some major differences between Michael and Lucifer, especially their accent … Also, as fans may have noticed, the one who escaped from the Silver City apparently has a right shoulder injury. This prevents him from standing upright in this season 5 of Lucifer and there is an explanation for that …

What happened to Michael?
What happened to Michael? – Credit (s): Netflix

In an interview with TVLine, the co-showrunner of Lucifer, Ildy Modrovich said: “Speaking of Michael’s situation, it’s clear from the get-go that he has a snag in his right shoulder, which he needs to straighten out when he’s posing as Luci. And if you’re curious about what that apparent injury is all about, we’ll find out why he has it in Season 5B. We are exploring this story in depth. “. Could this injury explain Michael’s evil side? What did he experience? What is his past? Many questions remain unanswered for the moment but while waiting to know more, find out when the part 2 of season 5 of Lucifer could be released.


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