If at the end of the first part of Lucifer season 5, no one seems to be ruling hell, this character could have secretly taken his place on the throne.

Watch out for the spoilers that will follow! The first part of season 5 of Lucifer sure Netflix has brought us its share of revelations. Maze was able to discover his story and is now looking at all costs to acquire a soul in season 5 of Lucifer, Dan finally discovered the truth about the real identity of the Devil, Amenadiel learned that his baby was not immortal … Nevertheless, these first episodes leave us with a terrible question: who currently rules the underworld? In the series, it has always been explained that God wanted someone there to watch over the demons. However, when Amenadiel returned from the kingdom of Lucifer, he revealed that no one was in charge of it anymore but “that you shouldn’t worry about it”. Coincidence or not, he left hell when an ancient demon-turned-human lost his life on Earth … Could Lilith be the new Demon Queen now?

Lily Rose in Lucifer
Lily Rose in Lucifer – Credit (s): Netflix

This is indeed what a theory published on Reddit. Upon dying, Lily Rose – Maze’s mother – was reportedly sent to hell under God’s orders. A surprising hypothesis, however, when we know that the former singer had offered her immortality to Lucifer – during the black and white episode – to become human. Nevertheless, it is God who decides and if he wanted Lilith to remain a demon, then she will remain so. To punish her, he could have decided to send her to hell, now forced to rule the kingdom.. After all, with all the damage she has caused in the lives of her children, that wouldn’t be surprising! So that would also mean that Lucifer wouldn’t be forced to go back there anymore, maybe his sacrifice in the Season 4 cliffhanger was a test to pass in the sight of God. In any case, this is what we want, but we can already fear the actions of Lilith in hell if this theory is confirmed … While waiting to find out more, we let you vote for your favorite shows during the World Cup series contest!


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