The continuation of season 5 of Lucifer will necessarily reveal the powers of Charlie and here is what proves it to us.

If the first part of season 5 of Lucifer offered its share of twists and turns, it still leaves us with many unanswered questions. One wonders how it is possible that Charlie – the first child in the world to be half angel, half human – is devoid of powers. Amenadiel was devastated to learn that his son could fall ill, like all other “average” humans. Obviously, his brother Michael – the angel who plays with the fear of others – did not reassure him and took care to drive the knife into the wound, explaining to him all that Charlie was risking in the future. ‘he was one of the ordinary people. However, it is not at all believed that Linda and Amenadiel’s baby does not have powers. Series Lucifer on Netflix has already given us some valuable clues about Charlie’s uniqueness, and we are sure that this revelation will be the subject of an important twist in the next episodes. While waiting to know more, here is what proves to us that Charlie is really a celestial being!

Baby charlie
Baby Charlie – Credit (s): Netflix

First important fact: Remiel, Amenadiel’s sister, had felt a celestial presence when Linda was still pregnant with him, proof that his aura is particularly powerful. Second clue: Charlie has already been kidnapped by demons because his last wanted to make him the new king of the underworld. If the child had no special faculty, he would not have been chosen by his disciples, although the creatures could have done this for the sole purpose of harming Amenadiel. What catches our attention more is Charlie’s attraction to the evil side! Indeed, when the baby has a nervous breakdown, only the evil face of Lucifer manages to calm him down … In any case, Charlie’s hybrid side will be very useful to him afterwards: being half human, he can create very strong bonds with them on earth, and communicate with angels and demons, in heaven or in hell. . For now, we do not yet know if the child has wings, like the other angels. It is likely that his powers will manifest during a particularly important event, perhaps if one of his relatives were to be in danger for example. Until you find out more, you can still vote for your favorite shows in the World Cup Series contest.


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