Some details from Lucifer’s season 5 strongly suggest that Trixie knows the truth about the Devil. And besides, Dan’s interpreter does not deny this hypothesis …

In season 5 of Lucifer sure Netflix, Maze entrusted Trixie with a mission of the utmost importance: to gather information about her famous ring. If it was initially thought that she had a connection with God, this gem actually belonged to Lilith, Mazikeen’s mother. It is for this main reason that Maze is so angry with Lucifer in season 5: for having hidden his story from him. Trixie may have seen it as a fictional tale, but she is now mature enough to suspect that the story was based on real events. What to suggest that the daughter of Chloe is now well and truly aware of the identity of Lucifer. Moreover, many fans have expressed themselves about this hypothesis on social networks, and Kevin Alejandro forced himself to react to it with Subway : “I think that’s a solid theory! You know kids are known to have a sixth sense. So, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she knows a little more about the world than the others. secret of Lucifer! “.

Lucifer and Trixie
Lucifer and Trixie – Credit (s): Netflix

That’s not all, it’s important to remember that Trixie is also Chloe’s only child. As revealed in the show’s fifth season, the heroine was designed by God as a gift for Lucifer. Thus, Trixie could also benefit from the Devil’s mojo, she who is extremely comfortable with celestial beings.. The latter had in the past nicknamed Amenadiel as her mother’s “guardian angel”, did she therefore know the real identity of Maze, Lucifer and his brother since all this time? Trixie is also very close to Maze, who is nevertheless a demon, well known for being unpleasant and mean to those close to her. The little girl’s “gift” perhaps allows her to see beyond what Maze shows of her personality: she sees more widely who she is, without ever having been afraid of her. In previous seasons, Trixie had also drawn the devil, a sketch proudly hanging on the fridge in her house. So many elements that lead us to think that Chloe’s daughter has known about Lucifer and the others’ secret for years, but that she is certainly waiting for the right moment to reveal it! While filming the second part of season 5 of Lucifer resumes, we let you vote for your favorite shows in the World Cup series.


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