To make the wait for season 5 of Lucifer less painful, the showrunneuse teases a key passage between the Devil and Chloe in these new episodes.

If Netflix promises to reveal soon the date of broadcast of the first episodes of the fifth season 5 of Lucifer, the showrunner Ildy Modrovich is doing her best to keep the fans patient. Sure Twitter, one of the Lucifans asked him to describe any scene concerning the Deckerstar couple in season 5, in 3 emojis. The latter then chose a key, a point and a smiley that sends a heart. What message to understand? The fans were quick to put out their theories and we will share the best of them with you. For @saddevilsam for example, “Lucifer will save Chloe who is kidnapped and after an intense fight, the scene will end with a passionate kiss between them”.

For another fan, “Chloe will fight to keep the Devil’s secret as long as possible, and God will allow them to end up together”. “She finds a key to hell and goes there, demons attack her so Lucifer confronts them and then they kiss”, offers @nayab_duray, while @SebasVOfficial is more romantic: “Lucifer returns to Earth and surprises Chloe at her home when she comes home from work. She locks her door, knocks on it, Lucifer tells her ‘ok I deserve it’ and kisses him languidly. And that’s how the episode 1 ends “. Indeed, these three emojis could describe many situations, but the kiss symbol gives us hope for the future of romance between the Devil and Chloe, which could be reunited from the first episode of season 5 of Lucifer on Netflix!



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