Depressed and angry with the whole earth, Maze was ready to kill Lucifer within Season 5. Why is she so angry with him?

This first part of the series Netflix allowed us to learn more about the past of each of the characters. We were able to discover how and why Maze had been abandoned, she who now seeks at all costs to obtain a soul in season 5 of Lucifer. Through Trixie, Maze finally got the answers to his questions about his past. If it hurt her a lot, she learned thanks to the story of Lucifer how her mother had decided to abandon her, her and her other demon brothers and sisters, to become human. Lily Rose has also decided to entrust her immortality to Lucifer and this through her ring. The problem was, the devil, who was supposed to be Maze’s friend, had never told her about any of this, although he knew how much she suffered for not knowing his story. As a bonus, she knew her mother had lived on Earth for many years, just a few steps from her home. This news totally pissed off Maze, so she now had only one desire: revenge on Lucifer.

Lucifer and Maze
Lucifer and Maze – Credit (s): Instagram @ lesleyannbrandt, Netflix

If Maze felt betrayed by her friend, this is unfortunately not the first time that she has felt this: when he returned to hell at the end of season 4 of the show, she was devastated to learn that he had not taken her with him. Again, she felt abandoned and cheated. This is why Maze cultivated an immense hatred towards Lucifer during the 8 episodes of the series. If this hurts us a lot, we hope the Devil will make things right with Maze in the next few episodes. We worry a lot about her, and we feel that she is about to crack. Devastated, if this theory is true, Maze could well kill himself in the sequel to season 5 of Lucifer


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