Many theories have emerged on season 5 of Lucifer. The latest one concerns Chloe … Could the detective betray someone close to her?

Lucifer’s season 5 will start with a six-month time jump in which Chloe and Maze will get closer. The two women will be heartbroken and will try to support each other during this difficult time. From rivals to friends, their relationship has evolved during the four seasons of Lucifer. However, as the duo bond because of (thanks to) their disastrous love life, Actress Lesley-Ann Brandt has hinted that their friendship could end under terrible circumstances. Maze will learn that she was betrayed by someone close to her in this season 5 of Lucifer and fans are concerned that this is Chloe Decker …

Maze betrayed by Chloe?

As fans await news of when Lucifer will resume filming, Lesley-Ann Brandt has confided in Entertainment Tonight on episodes that have already been shot. She revealed regarding the character of Maze: “She is a bit in denial, she is heartbroken because we have all been there and she launches into work. You often see her with Chloe because I think their stories are reflected and they get closer to each other like the friends do. And as you know, Eve ends up coming back, there are all kinds of dramas. She is faced with having to face something which is ultimate betrayal. I can’t go into too much detail but it is really a challenge for her and she will wear it throughout the season, almost towards the end. It hurts and it’s related to the black and white episode that will really tell about Maze’s life.“. But then, will Maze be betrayed by Chloe? It’s a possibility that fans are considering ! While waiting to learn more, find out if Dan could sacrifice himself to save the devil in season 5 of Lucifer.



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