The 2020 Series World Cup is in full swing and one series stands out from the rest … Will it win the trophy?

You can keep voting every day right here to win the 2020 Series World Cup for your little darlings, and while you wait to find out who’s the big winner, we’ve got a sneak peek at the votes so far. Even if the fans of all the series are present at the call, a fandom is particularly effective: that of Lucifer. It is the series with Tom Ellis that mobilizes the most serevores with a good head start on all the others in competition. But why does Lucifer manage to accumulate so many votes? There are several reasons for this …

Lucifer in the lead
Lucifer in the lead – Credit (s): Netflix

Timing is the main explanation for Lucifer’s success! Yes, the first part of season 5 has been airing since August 21 on Netflix, and we know since June that Netflix ordered 10 final episodes for a season 6 while season 5 was supposed to be the last. What clearly to rejoice the fans and motivate them to show all their love for Lucifer and his characters by voting en masse for her. Confronted with Peaky blinders in Group A, which is nevertheless a strong opponent, it is therefore without too much surprise that Lucifer crushes his competitor who could nevertheless have deserved to win the trophy this year … While waiting to know if Lucifer will go all the way, you were given a way to differentiate Michael from Lucifer in season 5.


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