The last time we heard of the singer Louane it was to discover her new very cozy look. As we know, the beautiful blonde has always been at the forefront of fashion. From its beginnings it has accustomed us to very “offbeat” looks. Louane has always loved being on the cutting edge of fashion and she knows how to fascinate her fans. His last appearance in Times Square during his vacation in New York inspired more than one. Following his post instagram, where she poses with cuddly slippers, the canvas caught fire! The shoes the singer is wearing were the most searched for in 2021!

In this pandemic period, when the whole world is half-locked down, it is true that most fashion-loving Internet users are looking for the most comfortable clothes and accessories possible. Following its publication on the networks, Louane inspired his community and his famous toupee slippers had great success. On Instagram, the young woman was able to draw attention to her look and received a lot of compliments on her shoes. But Louane was not the only one, in a short time, other iconic celebrities were seen with these famous shoes. The canvas wasted no time and the shoes quickly became the most searched for on the internet in 2021! But then you ask yourself: where to get his famous and sought-after shoes? Today we reveal all…

Louane: but where to get her much sought-after shoes?

Are you also looking for these famous cozy shoes to keep your feet warm all winter long? Louane found THE ideal pair that everyone dreams of! But then, where to get the most searched shoes on the Internet in 2021? After various searches, we FINALLY found them! That’s it, it’s time to spill the beans: Boston clogs from Birkenstock are the most searched shoes on the internet! Following its Arizona model which was a best-seller for 50 years (all the same!), the German brand has struck again. With this new model of ultra-comfortable clogs with a minimalist aesthetic, you can now strut around in slippers wherever you want. These orthopedic shoes adapt to the shape of your foot and will give a great style to your outfits. So, convinced? It’s not too late to crack! You can get them directly on the brand’s website, they are available from 80€ and come in different materials and colors… Something to please everyone! We can’t wait to see you wearing them.


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