Loana should be placed in a mental hospital after her overdose of GHB and her mother reacted.

We learned about it on February 22, 2021 thanks to StarMag, Loana would have been the victim of an overdose and would have been hospitalized again in Hyères, in the south-east of France after having taken a high dose of GHB. The reality TV contestant, who was revealed in Loft Story season 1, was yet ready to draw a line on its past and teeming with projects. Moreover, the latter was in the middle of filming the documentary “Loana, an Up and Down loft “ which was to be broadcast on C8 when the drama occurred. On the set of Do not touch My TV, Guillaume Genton, who was in charge of the project, said more last night about the moment when everything changed for the young woman.

Loana should be placed in a psychiatric hospital
Loana should be placed in a psychiatric hospital – Credit (s): gettyimages

“This morning, Guillaume Garnier, who is our editor-in-chief, found Loana in a sorry state in her room, with the room upside down, the trash cans that were searched. She was taken to the emergency room at 9 am , she is in Hyères hospital, she was in very serious condition, but she can still speak, and she will be transferred to a psychiatric hospital “… Already in October 2020, Loana had been placed in a psychiatric clinic after an attack of dementia. His mother Violette, about whom Loana made very serious revelations in Touche Pas à Mon Poste, has been contacted by the site StarMag and reacted to this new case: “Let her stop her drugs, eh! I can’t do anything! (…) I have no way of reaching her!”.

Credits: Touche Pas à Mon Poste / C8 / StarMag


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