Badly clashed by 50 Cent, Lil ‘Kim defended herself! She was also able to count on the support of her boyfriend who responded violently to the rapper.

Known for his outspokenness, 50 Cent who cast Eminem for his series Black Mafia Family, never hesitates to say what he thinks cash. Lately, the rapper did not hesitate to attack the physique of Lil ‘Kim by comparing her to a leprechaun, or an Irish pixie. Visibly annoyed by the artist’s words, the rapper strongly defended herself. “You’re so obsessed with me it gets scary. It’s not funny (…) and you’re late because this meme has been out for months (…) Why I feel like I’m in a lesbian couple fight, I never knew I had a girlfriend named Curtis [le vrai prĂ©nom de 50 Cent, ndlr]” she thus launched, before promoting her book Lil ‘Kim: The Queen Bee.

A little after, Lil ‘kim was able to count on the support of the father of his daughter Mr. Papers, whose real name is Jeremy Neil. The latter mocked 50 Cent’s makeover for his role in Missed route. He notably shared an image on which we can read: “You remember when 50 Cent lost a lot of pounds for a character with cancer but no one saw his movie …” In caption, the rapper’s companion wrote: “This old guy lost all that weight trying to get an Oscar and that crappy movie ended up at the BET Awards.” For its part, 50 Cent, who went bankrupt during his career, put it back on the table by boasting of having launched the “sexy leprechaun challenge” on TikTok. Clearly, tensions are high in Hollywood.


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