“You have your whole life to write your first album. For your second, you only have six months”. The sentence, inspired by the Beatles, is taken up by Lewis Capaldi in the documentary “How I’m Feeling Now” which is currently dedicated to him on Netflix. A way for the Scotsman to share all the pressure he received during the creation of “Broken by Desire To Be Heaveanly Sent”, his second studio album unveiled this Friday, May 19. It is therefore not six months but four years that the young man of 26 years will have taken to give a follow-up to “Divinely Uninspired To a Hellish Extent”. A second solo opus composed of 12 tracks, carried by the singles “Wish You The Best” and “Forget Me” which met with dazzling success upon their release.

This second album is a real success for the singer who continues to write about his romantic disappointments and the loss of a loved one, as he states in the press release accompanying “Broken by Desire To Be Heavenly Sent”. “There is nothing new on this album, no need to reinvent things, just emotional songs about love”. With his exceptional voice and sincere lyrics, Lewis Capaldi retains his ability to convey his sensitivity through his words. Between the ballads “Haven’t You Ever Been In Love Before” and “Love The Hell Out Of You”, the singer makes us go through all the possible and unimaginable emotions and this is not a first. In his latest music video for the track “Wish You The Best,” the singer decided to shine a light on a little dog and his handler who have the ability to bring tears to anyone who watches them.

The album ends with “How I’m Feeling Now” in reference to his documentary in which he gives a very personal look at his mental health, he who has been suffering from Gilles de la Tourette syndrome for several years. Painful and touching at the same time, this title sums up Lewis Capaldi’s desire to convey his emotions at all costs.

An album promo under the sign of humor

If the singer is currently on a world tour, he could not do much promotion for his album for lack of time. He then took advantage of his humor on TikTok to promote “Broken by Desire To Be Heavenly Sent” by responding to his fans in the best possible way or by gently attacking Harry Styles during the release of his “Sattelite” clip, writing, “Finally got a song that works really well and people love it with a clip that touches people and Mister Harry Styles (who kissed me and never called me back) comes out a beautiful and touching clip from nowhere and all my dreams and hopes fly away before my eyes”. A great way to stay close to your community while relaying the promotional elements of your new album.

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