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Léna (Les Princes 5) madly in love with Adil Rami to the point of stopping reality TV? We know more


A big blow. This is how the candidates of Princes and Princesses of love 5 took the sudden stop of the show on W9. Despite the clearly insufficient audiences, Internet users and viewers still had the joy of witnessing the formation of several couples, including Léna and Adrien, who left the adventure together. If many bet on this duo, it unfortunately did not last outside and the break was inevitable. But let the fans be reassured, the pretty brunette has since found a smile in the arms of an athlete you all know.

Yes, it is indeed Adil Rami who is currently playing in the Estac club in Troyes. And while Léna had left on the set of The Villa of Broken Hearts 7 in the Dominican Republic to solve a love problem and benefit from the help of Lucie Mariotti, the latter hastily left the adventure. The reason ? One person in particular he missed a lot according to blogger Vaarruecos. This person is Adil Rami. A gesture which also suggests that the young woman could quite stop reality TV for love.

Does Léna plan to return to La Villa des Coeurs Brisés?

While a user asks Vaarruecos during a new question and answer session on Instagram whether or not Léna could return to La Villa des Coeurs Brisés, the blogger answers with certainty: “No, Léna should not come back during the adventure of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés” before adding about his relationship with the professional footballer: “She is in a strong lease with the football player Adil Rami who even wants, according to my information, to introduce Léna to her family! It’s love to love!”. As you will have understood, things move quickly for the reality TV candidate and the sportsman and it is not certain that we will see Léna again in another program anytime soon.



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