Last night, Episode 1 of Season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow aired on The CW. So it’s time to find out our verdict for this Season Premiere!

The wait will not have been that long between season 6 and season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow As the Season Finale ended with a hell of a twist, fans wondered how the Legends could go back to their time, that is, to the present. Remember, a spaceship blew up the Waverider after Sara and Ava got married. But then, have the Legends found a solution? Last night, the Season Premiere of Season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow aired on the CW and it had some answers. The editorial ‘of melty therefore invites you to discover its verdict of “The Bullet Blondes“.

New mission!
New mission! – Credit (s): The CW

The Legends found themselves trapped in 1925 in this Season Premiere of Season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow … and a new member joined the Legends team … At least in a way. In “The Bullet Blondes”, Astra attempted to perform a spell in hopes of piecing together the exhibited parts of the Waverider. Her efforts almost worked, but she ended up falling apart just as the rebuilt Waverider began to take shape. After recovering, Astra teamed up with Spooner, and speaking the last word of the spell, she unknowingly summoned the ship’s AI, Gideon, in the flesh … Gideon is now a real person in this season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow.

New recruit !
New recruit ! – Credit (s): The CW

Gideon’s transformation obviously turned the Legends upside down in this very first episode of Legends of Tomorrow. They finally realized that they hadn’t always been very nice to AI, taking it for granted for all these years. But one thing is certain, it is that this Season Premiere was explosive and up to our expectations. The madness of Legends of Tomorrow was back, as was the emotion. Obviously, this very first episode of season 7 of the Arrowverse series had a good touch of humor all its own. The arrival of Gideon will bring a little freshness to the series, especially since the departure of Dominic Purcell as Rory.


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