It’s now official, the very first League of Legends animated series will land on Netflix this fall. Let’s take a look at the beginnings of the LoL Cinematic Universe.

Should we still present League of Legends today? Counting among the behemoths of esport, the game has met with huge success since its inception. With this popularity, last October already Riot Games announced that its flagship game would be offered his own series called Arcane. It must be said that League of Legends has often accustomed us to neat cutscenes, so it is not so surprising that the studio has decided to launch its own series. However, even if the release of a series in the universe of LoL is not a surprise, we discover today that it will be broadcast on Netflix.

Despite this announcement, it is clear that we still know very little about this series supposed to launch the LoL Cinematic Universe from next fall. Of course, the fact that the series from Riot Games can benefit from streaming on Netflix is ​​good news for many fans, but what about the content of this famous series? The very last trailer released by Netflix suggests that the story will focus on Jinx and Vi’s past, and will also introduce new characters. Additionally, the very steampunk look of the town seen in the trailer seems to indicate that the action will take place between Piltover and Zaun, but there again the indices remain rather meager. We will therefore have to remain vigilant in the coming weeks to learn more, but until then why not spend the time by discovering where you would live if you were in League of Legends ?

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