No sooner has Empress Bel’Veth landed in the Rift than League of Legends is already welcoming a new champion. Named Nilah, she is a very special ADC because she fights mainly in melee. Hailing from the fantasy realm of Kathkan, where myths and legends are part of everyday life, she bonded with the primordial demon of joy Ashlesh to become a novel heroine. But his powers come at a price. Nilah can only experience overwhelming joy, her other emotions having been sacrificed. With her liquid whip and her supernatural powers, Nilah hunts down the most dangerous creatures of Runeterra to exterminate them. And become a legend.

League of Legends: here are the skills of Nilah

Already controversial, Nilah is an atypical new ADC for League of Legends. Able to share healing, shields, and accumulated experience, his range is much lower than other botlane champions. She must take risks, get closer to her target, and survive with a shameless amount of healing. Here is his kit:

Passive – Perfect Synergy

Nilah boosts healing and shield skills of nearby allies. Allies who heal or shield Nilah themselves gain heals or shields. And when an allied champion heals or shields herself near Nilah, she also gains a heal or shield.

If Nilah lands the finishing blow on an enemy minion, she and the nearest allied champion gain bonus experience.

A – Fluid Blade

Passive: Nilah ignores some enemy champion armor. Additional damage inflicted through this effect heals it. The more likely Nilah is to land a critical hit, the more armor she ignores. Excess healing is converted into shields.

Active: Nilah strikes in a direction, dealing damage to all enemies in front of her. Hitting an enemy briefly increases Nilah’s range and attack speed, and empowers her basic attacks to deal bonus damage in a conical area.

Z – Veil of jubilation

Nilah blends into the mist and gains a short speed bonus. While covered in the Veil of Joy, she takes reduced magic damage and dodges all basic attacks. Hitting an allied champion also hides them under this veil, but they will be protected for less time.


Nilah dashes forward and passes through a targeted unit. It travels a fixed distance each time and damages all enemies it passes through. It can store up to 2 loads of Torrent.

Nilah can cast Fluid Blade during her Torrent to raise a wave behind her, dealing damage after a quick delay and activating the empowered effect of her basic attacks.

R – Apotheosis

Nilah swings her whip several times around her, and with a final volley pulls enemies towards the center. Apotheosis heals Nilah for a portion of the damage dealt and the excess is converted into a shield. This effect scales with critical strike chance and spreads to nearby allies.

What place for Nilah in the meta?

The sharing of heals and shields will impose the enchanters on the botlane. Characters like Sona or Taric, in particular, are ideal to work with Nilah. Very rich, her kit allows her to melt into the enemy team and makes her an expert duelist. With her Veil of Joy, it’s hard to imagine other ADCs managing to kill her in 1v1 after a certain stage…

Nilah is already controversial. On the one hand, because many players consider that his kit looks too much like Samira’s. On the other hand, because his experience sharing is known to be completely fucked up. Remember: in season 8, when Mordekaiser was played botlane, he already had this power. And that made him smoked: it gave him a big head start on the laners enemies. His rework solved the problem, but now it’s Nilah who will have to experience the joys of balancing…

Nilah will be playable from League of Legends patch 12.13which should land around July 6.


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