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League of Legends: Bel’Veth, Void Empress revealed Follow us Join our community!


Here is finally the new main antagonist of League of Legends! After the spectral Viego and her apocalyptic heartaches, here is the Void Empress. Bel’Veth, by her adopted name, is a new jungler. After the release of its cinematic, its lore reveals the evil intentions of this falsely human entity: it wishes devour reality and shape it in the image of nothingness. Take advantage of the whole world and spit it out so that everything is nothing more than nothing. And satisfy his insatiable curiosity along the way.

Bel’Veth, an interdimensional threat

In his short story, Bel’Veth pressures Kai’sa to force her to eliminate the Watchers, other Void creatures that could hinder his plans. Indeed, if Bel’Veth wants to consume and recreate, the Watchers simply wish to annihilate. They are currently trapped in the Freljord by Lissandra. But they could break free prematurely… Before sending Kai’sa to do his dirty work, Bel’Veth also reveals to him that Kassadinhis father, is still alive. The young vigilante therefore leaves to destroy the Watchers and find her father.

A narrative that is all the more interesting as Riot Games seem to have learned from their mistakes. Last year, the event around Viego, the Fallen King, was a big disappointment. Yorick and Maokai, two champions who wanted to destroy Viego, were totally absent. Surely because too little popular. Kassadin being the iconic slayer of the Void, it is very positive to hear that he will be involved from near and far in this new quest…

Bel’Veth is shaping up to be a strong antagonist. Capable of engulfing an entire city in its “Lavender Sea”, it also controls schools of carnivorous remoras. Taking on human form to seduce humans and spread his good word, he is actually a giant manta ray-like monster. Not appetizing. But seductive enough to convince Malzahar, his prophet in Runeterra. She also owns all knowledge devoured by the Void for millennia. His formidable intellect is the antithesis of Viego, emotional and impulsive. It remains to discover his kit, still kept secret.



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