League of Legends is a hit on Twitch. The proof with stars of the game like Sardoche in France, which recently launched an ASMR channel. But today, place for an unusual story involving Kkyuahri, a Korean player. During a game on Afreeca TVa service similar to Twitch, she got stuck in a 3 hour game!

A long game of several hours for Kkyuahri

Kkyuahri was unlucky. Trapped in a 3 hour game of League of Legends, the player could not stop the match because the majority of participants voted against. Killed no less than 120 times, the woman took the opportunity to play FIFA next door. But what happened?

The players on his own team and those opposite have decided to lock him in a long match. The game was artificially prolonged since they were communicating to block Kkyuahri in his actions.

And if you’re wondering why Kkyuahri didn’t leave the game, it’s because of the rules set by Riot. In case of departure, it is banishment or time out. Unfortunately, his account was still banned for 14 days. We imagine that it is an automatic sanction in the face of the length of the match.

The video of this extended match no longer exists but a condensed summary is available below to give you an idea of this extended game !

Contacted by PC Gamer, Riot did not comment on this case. If the moment must have been complicated for Kkyuahri, this case brings him good visibility. The League of Legends community has talked a lot about this 3 hour game!


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