This new shot of Laura Lempika in a bikini has received a lot of reactions.

Recently, Nikola Lozina unveiled an adorable video of her son Zlatan on social networks. A precious moment shared with Laura Lempika who did not fail to crack down on Internet users. She also crazy about her child, the candidate ofObjective Rest of the World regularly shares family snapshots with their community. But this time around, Laura showed off another side of her on Instagram. Proud of her body, the young mother simply decided to show off in a bikini as you can see below with the caption: “To love and to be loved is to feel the sun on both sides”.

Obviously, this muy caliente photo aroused the interest of Internet users who commented en masse and pointed out to Laura Lempika how pretty she was: “What a bomb!”, “Wow, you found your body! Big kisses to the whole family”, “What a beautiful woman”, “Breathtaking Laura”, “Mamma mia magnificent”, “Fresh with a capital F”, “A real beauty” could one read in particular in the comments of the post. Some positive feedback that should greatly boost the confidence of the young woman. In the rest of the news, Nikola Lozina unveiled the result of Laura Lempika’s pregnancy test and took the opportunity to make big confidences.

Credit: Instagram @lauralempika
Other files: Objective Rest of the World


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