Laura Lempika has said more about her metamorphosis since the arrival of her son Zlatan.

Very cash, Laura Lempika revealed that she and Nikola Lozina were not ready to have a second child. You will understand, it is not tomorrow the day before that we will see the famous candidate pampering again since the young woman is currently enjoying her life together with her darling and their little Zlatan whom they have welcomed. last December 11. As we know, pregnancy leaves traces and Laura has put all the chances on her side to regain her figure and lose her extra pounds. To achieve this, the pretty brunette has notably succumbed to the brazilian butt lift but not only. A balanced diet and some exercise are also required to promote weight loss.

Laura Lempika's Instagram
Laura Lempika’s Instagram – Credit (s): Instagram @lauralempika

On her Instagram account where she indulged in a question-and-answer session with her community, Laura Lempika Said more about her physical transformation since the arrival of her son and the number of pounds she has lost: “16kg before the brazilian butt lift. Since then, I haven’t seen my girlfriend again” she said before continuing: “It’s been a month and I hope to have lost 5kg. I haven’t made too many gaps since the operation so as not to take back the double and there I continue … I will be able to resume the sport within a week is where the real transformation will begin “. There is no doubt that fans will follow this metamorphosis with interest. Elsewhere in the news, Laura Lempika swung on the clashes and the couples of Objectif Reste du Monde.

Credit: Instagram @lauralempika
Other files: Objective Rest of the World


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