Many Internet users were overwhelmed by discovering this adorable snapshot of Laura Lempika and Zlatan.

Very recently, the editorial ‘of melty offered you a replay of all the highlights of Laura Lempika and in particular her marriage in Secret Story, her love story with Nikola Lozina or the arrival of Zlatan which was her most beautiful meeting. Last December, the pretty brunette became a mother for the very first time alongside the emblematic candidate ofObjective Rest of the World, a new role that fills her with joy on a daily basis. Moreover, the young woman is so fulfilled that she does not hesitate to share her happiness with her fans on social networks, the proof below.

“My most beautiful selfie, I love you my son” said then Laura Lempika in the caption of an adorable photo without filter where she poses with Zlatan who will be celebrating her 1st birthday next month. A very nice mother-son bond that did not fail to crack the web as evidenced by the many comments below the post.

“You are too beautiful! And your son’s eyes are just wow”, “You look more and more alike”, “What a magnificent photo !!! Kisses to little Zlatan who is so adorable”, “Beautiful photo filled with love between a mother and her son”, “What a boil”, It is chewable “,” Too beautiful picture of you and your son Laura “ could we read in particular. Elsewhere in the news, know that Benjamin Machet confided that he was ready to become a father for the third time.

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