To find out if Laura Lempika is at war with Alix, it’s here!

Lately, we told you about it on melty, Alix and Maëva Ghennam have reconciled and the video of their reunion has been unveiled. Also, be aware that many Internet users are wondering if the candidate for Princes and Princesses of love 4 and Laura Lempika are cold. As a reminder, the two young women met for the first time on the set of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 3. Since then, the candidates have become friends! But then, is this still the case now that Alix has decided to leave the world of reality TV? In your opinion, are the meltynauts at war or on good terms?

Laura Lempika is not at war with Alix
Laura Lempika is not at war with Alix – Credit (s):

As you can see with the snapshot above, during a question and answer with her community on Instagram, Laura Lempika revealed what she thought of Alix, who would be in a relationship with the rapper SCH if we this new evidence is believed. Zlatan’s mother called the candidate Princes and Princesses of love 4 of “bomb”. Here then is a declaration which proves that the two young women are still friends and that they are far from being at war. Moreover, recently, when Alix had lost Rajah, her Savannah, she had been able to count on the support of Laura Lempika who had relayed the search notice on her social networks. Like what, even if they no longer meet on the set of reality TV shows, the links are still intact.

Credits: Instagram: lauralempika
Other files: Laura Lempika


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