The 2020 Grammy Awards may not take place until January 2020, but on closer inspection, the competition has already started well!

Wait, what? If you were told a little earlier that PNL has just bought a new gold single with “Autre Monde”, it must be admitted that on the other side of the Atlantic, specialized journalists have already started their favorite work for the next Grammy Awards. Because the eligibility period closes at the end of August and not in September as is generally the case, it’s a safe bet that the disc which will be crowned best vocal pop album has already been released. Even more, it is rumored here and there that Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish are the frontrunners with respectively Thank U, Next and When We All Fall Asleep, Were Do We Go?

Unfortunately for both of them, it will be necessary to count on the presence of the soundtrack ofA Star Is Born at the next ceremony. Here’s why. Awarded with the Grammy Award for Best Solo Pop Performance in 2019 with “Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin ‘?) “, Lady Gaga is what is commonly called an artist adored by voters. Even more, this year, she had done well to make the trip. In addition to taking the breath away of all the audience during a live performance by “Shallow” particularly intense alongside Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga left that evening with the Grammy Award for the best pop performance of a group or duo.

The price concerned “Shallow”, a song released only 3 days before the end of the eligibility period. You will understand, at the Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga leaves with a little head start. But it’s not just that ! If last year the category best vocal pop album was carnage (Ariana Grande and are Sweetener won against Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Camila Cabello), this year shouldn’t be much different. Eh yes, Ariana Grande completely changed the game by revealing this winter Thank U, Next, an album without any featuring and on which she offers an in-depth analysis of the different reasons for her discomfort.

An attitude that is reminiscent of another pop sensation: I am obviously talking about the new little Billie Eilish. In addition, on Thank U, Next and When We All Fall Asleep, Were Do We Go?, the two young women have fun mixing genres, singing, whistling and rapping here and there. Unfortunately, and as we have seen with Post Malone, the mixing of musical genres is still problematic for voters who, accustomed to certain canons, often refuse to be open at the level of their choices. That’s why in case of disagreement, the soundtrack ofA Star Is Born could serve as a perfect compromise. In the rest of the music news, know that Maitre Gims is not the rapper who sold the most records in France!


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