Lady Gaga: A cover of Shallow by an anonymous buzz on the web

On the canvas, a cover of the tube “Shallow” by Lady Gaga improvised by an anonymous in the metro is causing buzz.

While Lady Gaga should be back soon with “Stupid Love” and her new album, she is still making talk after her remarkable performance in the film A Star Is Born. With her role as Ally and the album soundtrack, the 33-year-old superstar has received critical acclaim and the feature has received tons of awards around the world. Even today, the iconic tube “Shallow” still resonates, which gave an idea to Kevin Freshwater, who makes videos on the internet. In one of them, he randomly asks passers-by to finish the words of a song and the latter did not expect to come across an anonymous who is as gifted as the Mother Monster …

In his video, posted on Instagram, you have to wait for 2 minutes 13 before discovering a woman in the corridors of the metro. Unwittingly approached, it does not deflate and begins the refrain of “Shallow”, enough to amaze Kevin Freshwater. On social networks, this performance of Charlotte Awberry, who is a professional singer in life, has gone viral and has been viewed millions of times, enough to give a spotlight on this artist little known to the general public. Lady Gaga, who is one of the best performances of the Super Bowl half-time show, has not yet reacted.

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