As surprising as it may seem, this actor would not have committed to La Casa de Papel if he had been informed that there would be 5 seasons!

If José Manuel Seda has just integrated the fifth and final part of La Casa de Papel, some players have been present from the start. If they could boast of it from all sides, one of them declares to the Spanish media Deia that he would not have been involved in the adventure if he had known beforehand that 5 seasons would be shot. As surprising as it may sound, this statement comes from Itziar Ituño, the interpreter of Lisbon, yet holding one of the main roles of the series Netflix. “Honestly? I think I would have refused to do La Casa de Papel if they had told me there would be 5 seasons”, she confessed before revealing the reasons.

Lisbon – Credit (s): netflix

“I didn’t know Madrid. I was a bit dizzy, afraid of the unknown. Obviously I was reluctant [à l’idée de travailler à Madrid]. I feel very good in the company of my neighbors, with my life in the village, in Basauri “, adds the actress. If it was therefore apprehension that would have made him refuse such a role within La Casa de Papel, Itziar Ituño does not regret this experience at all, even if it was longer than expected: “I’m happy to have done it and it’s even a joy to have been able to do a season 3, 4 and 5”. Indeed, the role of Lisbon has enabled it to make itself known to many producers and “to receive several proposals”. As you know, the story of La Casa de Papel will end with this fifth part, and Itziar Ituño is the first satisfied: “I heard there are spin-offs in the works by Netflix, for me it’s just rumors. It’s good that the fifth season is the last. I think the stories can’t be stretched like chewing gum: when it does, it always ends up disappointing people, it’s boring “. While we should certainly not expect a happy ending, perhaps the show will win a title in the World Cup series competition: your votes!


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