Either it’s a marketing stunt, or it’s called a little blunder!

What will happen to the fate of the Professor played by Alvaro Morte in La Casa de Papel part 5 ? This is kind of the question everyone asks after watching the season finale of the previous season. And for good reason, at the end of his showdown with the new investigator Alicia in part 3, the latter finally found himself trapped in his own bunker, a pistol to his temple. Such a surprising and unusual disappointment coming from the protagonist considered to be the “brain” of the band, that many fans of the Spanish series then imagined the worst hypotheses to explain such a turnaround. Besides, what if this was all part of his plan?

The comment from the Netflix India account in question
The comment from the Netflix India account in question – Credit (s): Netflix

In any case, this is what suggested Netflix in an Instagram comment on his Indian account! Indeed, this is the site RepublicWorld who revealed the clue. While a fan asks the following question: “The Professor is under arrest. What will happen next?“, the community manager of Netflix India then replies:”If the Professor is under arrest, you better think it’s part of his plan. He’s got himself into this mess and we’re sure he absolutely knows what he’s doing. * adjusts his glasses *“. Rather curious as a way of answering! Is this a poker game aimed at creating suspense or an awkward admission? We would rather lean for the second solution. And for good reason that would not surprise us, given El Profesor’s liabilities, that it was he who ultimately set a trap for Alicia. This would then conjoin the theory that Alicia would end up turning her jacket over in part 5 of the Casa de Papel, by helping the robbers to escape from the junkyard. What do you think ?


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