This is the question everyone is asking. Will Kylie Jenner formalize her second pregnancy? According to these revelations, the answer is yes.

After weeks of intensive social media speculation, U.S. media has finally revealed that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child with Travis Scott. Of course, the 21-year-old still hasn’t confirmed the good news. For the moment, Internet users therefore continue to make assumptions about the pregnancy of the beautiful brunette. Does she plan to make an official announcement in the coming days? According to the confidences of a source at Hollywood Life, it is indeed the case. Unlike when she was expecting Stormi, Kim Kardashian’s sister reportedly considers not keeping it a secret.

Asked about this, someone close to Kylie jenner did not hesitate to make revelations to the media. He thus declared: “She was planning to announce her pregnancy at the Met Gala before Page Six broke the news. Now that the information is out, she reportedly planned a huge announcement shortly before the gala. “ Knowing that the ceremony will be held in New York on Monday, September 13, 2021, the officialization of the arrival of the little one could take place sooner than we think. It remains to be seen whether these confidences will really materialize. In the meantime, know that the supposed mistress of Travis Scott has revealed the gender of Kylie Jenner’s baby.

Credit: Hollywood Life


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