Kim Kardashian turned up against Kanye West after rumors of cheating? If we believe this big tackle, it looks like it!

These are the revelations that panic the Web. Lately, an anonymous informant threw a bomb: Kanye West would have cheated on Kim Kardashian with Christina Milian during their marriage. At the time, the rapper would even have openly bragged about it to his friends. Obviously, the main stakeholders have never reacted to these damning statements but they are currently making a huge buzz on social networks. Now all eyes are on the reality TV star. Will she speak? That pungent post she posted and then deleted seems to say a lot about how she feels.

Did Kim Kardashian Tackle Kanye West on Instagram?
Did Kim Kardashian Tackle Kanye West on Instagram? – Credit (s): Instagram kimkardashian

In his story Instagram, Kim kardashian shared the following quote: “You never asked for too much, you were just asking the wrong person.” It did not take more for Internet users to make the link with Kanye West. Did the influencer suggest that the father of her four children was not for her? It’s possible. In any case, this publication was quickly withdrawn. It remains to be seen whether she was really addressing her future ex-husband. We let you judge! In the meantime, Kim Kardashian has responded to the rumor that she is involved in another sextape.

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